Hullo there, my name’s Summer. I go by XiaTian, Yeoreum, Verano, etcera– basically all the names/nicknames that relate to “Summer”. Currently a senior in high school so just one more year left until I’m off to college with the brand new label of “legal adult” (something that I can’t quite figure out if I’m excited or afraid for).

(01/27/17) I’m currently a freshman in university and, well, life is both exciting yet not. I’ve had plenty of new experiences with new friends and a sort-of independence but it’s been tiring and stressful at times.

But anyways, this blog’s just going to be pretty much me rambling about things in my life that will range from positive to negative with a mix of TVXQ + JYJ-related matters. So if you’re up for reading about that, please continue on. If not, it’s alright with me and maybe another time hm? Ciao.


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